Membrane filtration system

A laboratory set-up for steady-state and semi-batch cross-flow nanofiltration was acquired, operating with both flat rectangular channel and spiral-wound membrane modules. (Sterlitech Corporation, USA).
In addition to the initial screening of membranes, the installation also allows long-term experiments in a continuous mode, in which there is a complete recycling of the lines of permeate and retentate and, accordingly, a constant concentration of retentate. This allows reliable determination of the parameters and study of the phenomena that are important for the transition to a pilot or full-scale process. The acquisition of this installation contributes to establish the Department of Chemical Engineering at UCTM as a regional center for advanced research in the field of membrane technologies.
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A license for one of the most up-to-date thermodynamic software packages both in the industry and the academia in the past few years, has been purchased. The software uses COSMO-RS theory to calculate chemical potentials and key phase equilibrium characteristics, such as solubility, activity and vapour pressure – BIOVIA COSMOsuite and TURBOMOLE of the company Dassault Systèmes SE (France).
In order to be able to use the acquired license as efficiently as possible by all members of the team, as well as by other interested colleagues at UCTM, a computer system Dell Vostro 3671 MT was purchased, which is used with the acquired software and is accessible to all interested parties.

Microplate reader

А microplate reader PKL PPC 142 (Paramedical, Italy) was provided with the possibility to read 48 and 96 well microplates. The microplate system allows the parallel processing of multiple samples in order to determine their antimicrobial activity. It is also possible to be used for determination of antioxidant (DPPH radical scavenging assay) and other biological activities, the methods of which are based on a reaction in the wavelength range from 400 to 750 nm. The device has a built-in computer that runs on Windows XP operating system and has an 8’’ touch screen. The microplate reader can store more than 300 test programs and 100,000 results.
This device also allows for reading, analyzing and reporting the results of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), which is of interest to the Department of Biotechnology at UCTM and in particular to the teachers and students majoring in Biotechnology and Biomedical Engineering.
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