Basic organization

University of Chemical Technology
and Metallurgy – Sofia

„Chemical Engineering “ and „Biotechnology“

The research foreseen in the project proposal will be realized through effective cooperation between two of the leading in terms of volume and quality of the scientific production units of the basic organization – the Departments of Chemical Engineering and Biotechnology. In addition, the members of the scientific team are evenly distributed between the two departments whose facilities will be available to the researchers during their work on the project.

Research team

The project team consists of a core of relatively young scientists, but with high qualifications and scientific potential, who will be assisted in the fulfilment of the activities from the students and guided by internationally recognized scientists with years of experience in their scientific fields.

Dimitar Peshev

associate prof., PhD

Chavdar Chilev

associate prof., PhD

Nevena Lazarova-Zdravkova

chief assistant prof., PhD

Tsvetelina Angelova

chief assistant prof., PhD

Veronika Nemska

chief assistant prof., PhD

Velislava Yonkova


Denitsa Tsanova


Andrew Livingston


Stefan Heinrich


Ludmila Peeva


Competencies of the research team in the research area

The team has recently proposed new technology for the complex utilization of spent coffee grounds with high economic potential. The latter publication has been published in one of the most renowned international journals in the field of separation processes in 2018 (Separation and Purification Technology). For the past ten years the head of the team, Dr. Dimitar Peshev, has gained considerable practical and theoretical experience in the application of membrane separation for the purification and processing of active pharmaceutical ingredients and natural extracts during his working stay at foreign companies specializing in the production of membrane filters and their application in chemical technologies (Evonik Membrane Extraction Technology Ltd., UK; GVS filter technology spa, Italy), as well as during his postdoctoral specializations in one of the most renowned groups in the field of membrane technology, lead by by Professor Andrew Livingston (Imperial College London, UK). In the period of time 2012-2013, Dr Peshev had been a Marie Curie Experienced Researcher at Imperial College London, and under the supervision of Professor Livingston, he gained experience in the field of molecular membrane modeling and nanofiltration engineering with a view to the practical implementation of laboratory results. This experience has led to the development and as a result of the continued collaboration to the implementation of OSN Designer. The mentioned articles have multiple citations by foreign authors (over 250), and the work has been awarded the most cited publication for 2011 and 2012 by the journal Chemical Engineering Research and Design.


The experiments on micro-encapsulation / micro-granulation of the liquid concentrates will be carried out in cooperation with Prof. Stefan Heinrich (Hamburg University of Technology, Hamburg, Germany) during the planned graduation work of the students, members of the working team, under his supervision. The cooperation on this topic has already been initiated. Prof. Stefan Heinrich’s team has many years of practical and theoretical experience in the field of drying, coating, microencapsulation, granulation and agglomeration in a spouted-bed.
The participants from the Department of Biotechnology have substantial experience in antibacterial activity research on a range of hybrid materials and agents, reported in a number of articles and more than 20 publications on this topic.


You can contact the project manager and participants for any further information.


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